Our Vision:

To be a home base for All Nations International Fellowship and all of its churches and ministries world-wide, a global headquarters offering strength and support to the vision of ANIF for the purpose of seeing the unreached nations shaken with the fires of revival and discipled. 

To break the mold of religious tradition and thinking. To train believers and activate the church to be totally dependent upon the Holy Spirit and the Word of God as we lead others deeper into revival. 

Core Values:

We believe God has made of one blood every nation of the world. So we are a multicultural fellowship that worships God in Spirit and in truth.


We aim to be a fellowship where people can experience a Living God. With an understanding that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, therefore we expect to see healing, salvation, deliverance as Jesus the Christ is proclaimed. Our DNA is world missions, and that is at the heart of everything we do. Our core mission is to go to non Christian nations, mainly where the population is 90% or more heathen religion or communist and present the good news of Jesus Christ. It can be summed up as simple as this, "you're either a missionary or a mission field." Our first goal is to lead our neighbors to Christ, disciple them till their family is reached, and then empower them to win others. 



Now based in Tulsa Oklahoma for the next couple years our objective here is to add value in 4 ways. 

1. Inspire local churches in regards to world missions , soul winning and discipleship. 

2.  Establish a world headquarters in a gospel friendly geo political climate.

3. Add value to local pastors through our expertise in US China relations.

4. To flame the fire with the pentecostal message in each community through outreach campaigns with local churches.  


We welcome the Christian community of the greater Tulsa area to work with us. We respect all branches of biblical Christianity and strive to have the leading of the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus Christ as the center of all our activities.


Revival Meetings will run through out the year, contact us to join our event mailing list. 



ALL NATIONS is lead by Bishop Joseph Castillo founder of All Nations International Fellowship.

Founded in China later winter of 2010 as part of the Onnuri church as the English Congregation. In July of 2013 the previous presiding Pastor from South Korea, "Lee" passed the torch to Bishop Castillo through unanimous decision after prayer and fasting with all the Elders of All Nation's. 

All Nations International Fellowship has churches and affiliates in Beijing, Guangzhou, Japan, and Mongolia.

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Our weekly gatherings are small and private just for our core disciples. But we do have outreaches and revivals where all are welcome. 

You may join us for :

Street evangelism and missions--these two ministries are the foundation stone of our organization.

We believe that in America we have a constitutional right to be self- governed and will not allow any government agency to impede these constitutional rights, and will never cease to gather, especially due to disease, viruses or any kind of pestilence or plague that Jesus Christ has redeemed us from.


We believe the family unit is the foundation of a stable and prosperous society.

Although marriage is both a religious and a civil institution, at its heart, marriage is a natural institution, rooted in the necessity for humanity to reproduce itself.


Marriage is naturally the union of one man and one woman because that is the only sexual union capable of resulting naturally in such reproduction. We believe and social science demonstrates that children and adults thrive in this family structure.


Therefore, public policies should encourage this ideal familial context.


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